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Free Evolution and Science dvds!

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute offers free dvds which contain lectures on various topics, from AIDS, to evolution.  Two of them are of interest to you guys:

  • Evolution: Fossils, Genes, and Mousetraps
  • Evolution: Constant Change and Common Threads
The first is a lecture by Kenneth Miller, and it is a basic introduction to evolution lecture.  He also criticizes Michael Behe's irreducibly complex arguments, and even shows a few clips from the Colbert Report.  He also argues for the compatability of religion and science.  The second dvd has four lectures (each an hour long) going over the basics of evolution, and explaining the mechanisms of it.  It also includes a 70 minute discussion on whether evolution and science is compatable with religion.  The production quality is fantastic, and the sound and picture quality are perfect. 

And they're completely free (no shipping charge as well).  I suggest ordering x3 of these so that you can hand some out to relatives, random fundies, etc.  They also have other amazing lectures on RNA, AIDS, and tons more issues. 

Here's the link to the Free Howard Hughes Catalogue of dvds and videos.

And help spread the link around!
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