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30th March 2010

75kg_ru11:30am: Ананасовая диета и другие
Все мы мечтаем превосходнее выглядеть, быть здоровее и как можно меньше болеть. Многим для достижения этих целей мешает излишний вес, у многих лишнего веса возможно слишком много. Пора подумать о своем состоянии, начать собой заниматься! Причин избытка веса множество - малоактивный образ современной жизни, работа за компьютером, обилие излишне калорийной и плохой пищи, и много всего другого. Ожирение стало сейчас громадной проблемой для людей крупных стран и нужно искать решение.

Вариант один - необходимо вести правильный, здравый образ вашей жизни. Просто с помощью диет можно этого добиться, но если по окончании проведения диеты возратиться к предыдущему питанию, то возможно результата не будет, а может получиться еще даже хуже. Необходимо вывести все принципы правильного питания, уяснить какая еда нормальная, а что и какая наоборот, понять и разобраться в этих процессах, происходящих внутри вас. Если вы имеете избыточный вес, вам необходимо быстро похудеть, выбрать нужную диету, добиться правильных для вас значений массы и в дальнейшем поддерживать нужный вес, что обычно бывает труднее, чем похудение. Правильно составленная, подходящая для вас, методика похудения сможет помочь держать ваш вес, но и поможет избавиться от различных болезней.

Я приглашаю вас на блог о похудении, на котором вы найдете подробные описания диет, размышления по диетам, полученым результатам, найдете ответы худеющих испробовавших эти диеты. И кроме этого на сайте вы сможете найти различные блюда, подходящие под любую методику похудения. Сам я "последователь" кремлевки, которая помогла мне получить хорошие результаты и благодаря которой я хорошо сбросил вес. Найдете полный список продуктов подходящей для кремлевской методике похудения, в которой они сортированы по типам и для каждой еды указано количество углеводов, на уменьшении которых и строится эта методика похудения. Помимо этого вы найдете множество остальных диет, ананасовая диета, по группам крови, однопродуктовые диеты и т.д. Почитав статьи на сайте вы сможите построить под именно вас нужный тип питания, сможете достичь лучших показателей и выглядеть так, о чем вы и мечтали.

Хочу пожелать вам постоянно приблизиться к своей цели, быть красивее и всегда быть здоровыми.
Жду вас на своем блоге о диетах.

25th June 2009

poco_a_poco10:03am: Penn & Teller's BULLSHIT! season 7 starts tonight!!!
I don't know about you, but I love this show.  Hell I love Penn and Teller.  Check out my full review here.

9th April 2008

havermayer2:53pm: Free Evolution and Science dvds!
The Howard Hughes Medical Institute offers free dvds which contain lectures on various topics, from AIDS, to evolution.  Two of them are of interest to you guys:

  • Evolution: Fossils, Genes, and Mousetraps
  • Evolution: Constant Change and Common Threads
The first is a lecture by Kenneth Miller, and it is a basic introduction to evolution lecture.  He also criticizes Michael Behe's irreducibly complex arguments, and even shows a few clips from the Colbert Report.  He also argues for the compatability of religion and science.  The second dvd has four lectures (each an hour long) going over the basics of evolution, and explaining the mechanisms of it.  It also includes a 70 minute discussion on whether evolution and science is compatable with religion.  The production quality is fantastic, and the sound and picture quality are perfect. 

And they're completely free (no shipping charge as well).  I suggest ordering x3 of these so that you can hand some out to relatives, random fundies, etc.  They also have other amazing lectures on RNA, AIDS, and tons more issues. 

Here's the link to the Free Howard Hughes Catalogue of dvds and videos.

And help spread the link around!

20th March 2008

havermayer6:25pm: Guelph Skeptics
Anyone in the Southern Ontario region want to join our facebook or mailing lists to be invited automatically to new events at the University of Guelph?

Email Guelphskeptics AT gmail dot com to join. 

Guelph Skeptics facebook group. 

Next event: Misinformation Theory: How Anti-Evolutionists Abuse Mathematics, March 26th, 7pm, 1200 Thornborough, U o Guelph (facebook link).
Events Page link. 

Also related:
The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe Podcast.
The AstronomyCast Podcast

15th March 2008

badassisascam12:48pm: Don't be scammed by these "tutors"
I have joined LJ in hopes of warning the many parents who only seek the best for their child and to help keep the online community from being scammed.

As a former employee of the companies owned by Robb Gott (badasstutors.com, supertutorsusa.com, and ratemytutor.com) I have witnessed the most disgusting and unethical practices imaginable for a "legitimate" tutoring company. Hence, why I refuse to work for them.

Mainly targeting K-12 children with his supertutorsusa.com website, Gott has convinced parents that his service should be used because he "Guarantees an A or B or free" and he offers "professional licensed tutors." The truth is, however, there are no background checks.


And the tutors aren't just teaching algebra and English to your kids- they're also teaching "BJ" classes and other oral sex and drug-related lessons.

Gott has been associated with spamming over 17000 UNLV students, vandalizing campuses to advertise, and refusing to pay his employees.

Check out this Live Journal Account to see more of our Journals- including written correspondence where Gott refused to pay his employee, as well as links to articles! Not a company I think children (or college students) should use as a legitimate tutoring service.




19th February 2008

petemosq7:14pm: P&T Bullshit Season 5 DVD Release
Hi all,

Got this bit of news today. BS: Season 5 will be released on DVD in a few short months. In the meantime it's still in reruns for those of who can stay up really late or have a TiVo.

9th October 2007

havermayer4:47pm: History Channel Documentary on 9/11 conspiracies posted on google video
In case you were not able to attend last week's screening of 9/11 Conspiracies: Fact or Fiction? the film has been uploaded to google video.   The film is a documentary by the History Channel which addresses the claims of 9/11 conspiracy theorists, such as those made in Loose Change, and other popular documentaries. 

I have also posted to my site a list of resources refuting the conspiracy claims if anyone wants to seriously research those claims in detail.  These sources include articles and faqs by Skeptic magazine, Popular Mechanics, the National Institute of Standards and Technologies, and SETI, as well as counter documentaries which make a point for point rebuttal to films like Loose Change.  Check them out.

And while you're hear, you should probably check out the Skeptics' Guide to the Universe podcast. 

14th June 2007

havermayer8:21pm: The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe Podcast:
Click here to check it out. 

Latest show information:

Podcast #98 6/6/2007News Items: Creation Museum in Canada, NASA on Global Warming, Chiropractic in VA Hospitals, Death by Pseudoscience, UFO Drone CGI, New Loch Ness Video
Your E-mails and Questions: Lunar Effect, Herxheimer Reaction, Chemtrails
Name That Logical Fallacy
Science or Fiction
Skeptical Puzzle

Join the facebook group too!  Invite all of your friends!

4th September 2006

byname6:25pm: What's with Teller's left hand, ring fingernail being painted red? I can honestly say I never noticed that before today.
Current Mood: curious

25th July 2006

parazel4:20pm: Well, it looks like I'm now the sole moderator of this (rather dead) community.
ETA: Or not.
Current Mood: WHY, GALE_WIND, WHY

8th June 2006

barbobot6:36am: hey what happened to the peta rant? even though i didnt agree with it, it was still pretty cool to get something happening...

3rd June 2006

zenmastac5:20pm: Global Warming
Does anyone know if P&T are going to do a Bullshit on global warming anytime soon?  I think that would be really good, especially with Al "I invented the internet" Gore's new campaign tool, i mean shameless facetime grabber, i mean book coming out.  They kind of touched on it in the season 1 Environmental hysteria, but I'd love to see a whole episode about it.

16th May 2006

gale_wind2:26pm: DISCUSS.
Current Mood: amused

27th April 2006

byname2:13pm: So, as many of you may or may not have noticed, in the intro to the show of each season, it hints at every topic P&T plan on talking about. So, in this fourth season, I happened to notice at the end of the intro, the two towers are in the reflection of the water, I'm so exicted if they are going to tackle this one :)

25th April 2006

barbobot10:43pm: okay im pretty much just trying to distract myself from other projects, but heres something that bugged me about the last episode.
I would like to preface this by saying by saying I _do_not_ believe that the death penelty is the correct means of dealing with the problem.

Now onto my complaint. It seemed like the big issue in the episode was "It is never right to kill a person" fair enough, however, what about in season 2 when they had an entire episode about gun control (which i am against, just so we're on the same page) and "The idea of a violent overthrow of the united states government"

Cmon guys, you can have it one way or the other, not both.

6th March 2006

gale_wind1:00am: Maintainer Post
Alright it’s been long enough. We need to start somewhere so I’m taking a poll (by commenting) on what to go after first. It may or not be from the show and a link to the list is in the user info.

And if anyone is willing to make or know where to get a Penn & Teller layout email me.
Current Mood: sore
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