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This is a community to continue the arguments of Penn & Teller and to go about other bullshit in the same spirit. Arguments from all sides are wanted.

The Rules

1.  Stay on topic. No derailing threads.

2.  Remember this quote:  “Here’s a tip…Never agree to go on a show called bullshit….UNLESS YOU’VE DONE YOUR FUCKING HOMEWORK.” - Penn Jillette.

    2a. While laughing here or there at arguments , that are clearly bullshit is not against the rules.  People who don’t know when to stop will be either warned or banned depending on how bad it was. Ex. Posting Goatse = Ban.

3. Updates about the show should go to ptbullshitfans.

Quick Linx
Topics from Penn & Teller BULLSHIT! can be found here.

Email me for whatever reason pertaining to the community. Make sure you give it an appropriate subject.
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